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About The Show

Investigators, scientists and experts use cutting-edge technology to decode the unexplainable and try to solve the most shocking and infamous disappearances in history.


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Episode 1

Hunt For Flight MH370

In 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished without a trace. Did it crash and if so, why can't the wreckage be found?

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Episode 2

Atlantis: The Lost Evidence

Atlantis is one of the most famous disappearances. After thousands of years, can state-of-the-art technology finally to crack this ancient mystery?

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Episode 3

Ghost Ship Of The Desert

After a huge cargo ship suddenly vanishes with 27 crew members on board, new evidence suggests the culprit may be a mythical rogue wave.

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Episode 4

Forbidden City Of Gold

New technology reveals lost cities in hostile jungle - could this lead to a discovery of the mythical El Dorado? And, a crystal is found on a shipwreck.

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Episode 5

Curse Of The Bermuda Triangle

After five planes vanish in the Bermuda Triangle, science points to a strange geological force. And, satellites reveal lost tribes in the Amazon.

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Episode 6

Lost Colony Of Roanoke

The Roanoke colony vanished without a trace, and centuries later, it remains one of history's greatest unsolved mysteries. Can new evidence reveal its fate?

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Episode 7

The Men Who Beat Alcatraz

In 1962, three convicts try to escape from Alcatraz prison. Officials believe the men drowned, but a scientific experiment suggests they made it to shore.

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Episode 8

Flight Of Terror

In 2009, an Air France flight disappears, but could this tragedy happen again? After a huge area of Siberian forest is destroyed, it's a race to find the culprit.