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Following a surgical team at a Houston weight-management clinic. The doctors perform bariatric surgeries on morbidly obese individuals weighing from 400 to 1000 pounds.


Episode 1

Living Large

A Father & Son surgeon team perform a Gastric Bypass on Penelope Gavrel, a young lady hoping to change her life and avoid future health problems related to her weight.

Episode 2

Doctor, Doctor

The doctors perform a gastric bypass on Allen Mata. Former patient Charlissa is undergoing plastic surgery by to have excess skin removed due to her weight loss.

Episode 3

Battle of the Bulge

Robert Davis performs a Gastric Bypass on an unusual case. While the patient does not appear to be morbidly obese, the majority of his fat is internal.

Episode 4


Trinston is an overweight bus driver who's hoping gastric bypass will help him get healthy and achieve his dream to be a firefighter.

Episode 5

The Garth Complex

Tiffany, who weighs 650lbs, returns from season one as the doctors struggle to convince her to enter an extreme weight loss facility before it's too late.

Episode 6

Weight N'See

While Robert works hard to get Marc approved for surgery, Marc gets some terrible news: his insurance will not cover the cost for him to stay in the hospital.

Episode 7

Fat Free

Marc is one of the largest patients Robert and Garth have treated. Marc has been approved for surgery, but he must be transported on a specially made stretcher.

Episode 8

Deathly Ill

After disobeying the doctors' orders, Marc develops blood clots in his legs. Later, Garth has to decide whether or not to perform gastric bypass surgery on Andrew.

Episode 9

Family Matters

Robert has spent his entire life drinking beer and eating steak. Now he is close to 250kg and suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Episode 10

Last Hope

Tiffany weighs over 317kg, eats thousands of excess calories daily and has never even attempted a diet. Is she going to be one of the most difficult patients ever?

Episode 11

Cut Me Loose

A woman may be sent home because can't afford the gastric-bypass surgery she requires and her family won't help, plus Garth can't get her to stop binging on food.

Episode 12

The Heavy Hitter

A 500-pound man finds his liquid diet a failure, and Robert and Garth disagree on how to treat him. Also: a woman's weight has left her almost completely infertile.

Episode 13

Large and in Charge

In our biggest episode ever, we meet the Garbs family, Suzie, Sandra, and John. All three will undergo bypass surgery on the same day.

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