Episode 1


The Thores are left heartbroken by the passing of their matriarch, Babs. Whitney takes on the role of caring for her father and moves him into her home.

Episode 2

My Big Fat Family Secret

While the family reels from the death of Babs, a secret, long-lost daughter emerges. Plus, Whitney plans a "Babs-themed" party to celebrate her life.

Episode 3

My Big Fat Alabama Fama

Determined to lift her father's mood, Whitney cheers him on as he ticks off an item on his bucket list. Later, Glenn talks to his long-lost daughter.

Episode 4

My Big Fat Weigh-In

Whitney wants to participate in her dad's bucket list, but indoor skydiving has a weight limit. Glenn tries to build a dollhouse for his new great-granddaughter.

Episode 5

My Big Fat Home Alabama

The Thores prepare to meet their new family. With the trip looming, Glenn worries he may not finish a surprise gift for his new great-granddaughter.

Episode 6

My Big Fat Alabama Baptism

The Thores arrive in Alabama to meet Glenn's long-lost daughter. Glenn worries Whitney's competitive nature will be too much for her niece and nephew.

Episode 7

My Dad's Big Fat Fabulous Past

The competition is just beginning between Whitney and her new niece. Glenn and Angie finally discuss the nature of their relationship.

Episode 8

My Big Fat Disastrous Party

Whitney throws caution to the wind with a 39th birthday bash. Plus, she makes a shocking discovery at a meeting with Jessica and Lennie.

Episode 9

My Big Fat Vacation Proposal

After finding her father grief-stricken at the cemetery, Whitney and Hunter present new bucket list travel destinations to Glenn.

Episode 10

My Dad's Big Fat Family Tattoo

The Thore family bonding continues but may go too far with matching tattoos. Plus, Glenn extends an invitation to Switzerland for his new family.

Episode 11

My Big Fat Dental Adventure

Emotions run high as Whitney prepares Glenn, Hunter and her new family for their Swiss family holiday. And Glenn gets worrying news at the eye doctor.

Episode 12

My Big Swiss Family Thore

Still reeling from the fight with her dad, Whitney struggles emotionally on vacation. Glenn makes a decision that could cause an irreparable family rift.

Episode 13

My Big Fat Family Heartbreak

A terrifying turn of events leaves the family stranded in the Alps. Then, a new, shocking family secret sends Whitney into a spiral.

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