About The Show

Following the lives of people weighing over 600 pounds as they embark on an incredible weight-loss journey to try and turn their lives around forever.


Episode 1

Geno And Nico's Journey

Geno was raised with lots of love and food but now he's living with his mum and eating himself to death. He and his cousin pledge to both lose weight.

Episode 2

Latonya's Journey

After five years in a scooter, Latonya's weight has made her almost immobile. She doesn't want to give up her food comforts, but will she do it for love?

Episode 3

Wess' Journey

Wess gets off to a great start in Dr. Now's programme, shedding weight quickly. But when the cravings continue after surgery, Dr. Now sends him to therapy.

Episode 4

Syreeta's Journey

Syreeta needs help but thinks that anyone trying to help has an ulterior motive. Surgery will be tough if she can't learn to trust the surgeon.

Episode 5

Mark's Journey

Turning down medical advice, Mark believes he can lose 500 pounds on his own. But Dr. Now sees this as another excuse not to change.

Episode 6

Stephanie's Journey

With her weight spiralling, Stephanie needs her mum's help to care for her three kids. Now, she must lose weight if she's to see her kids grow up.

Episode 7

Chris P's Journey

Chris fears he is failing his daughter as his weight gain begins to limit his mobility. Chris turns to his estranged mother to help get his life on track.

Episode 8

Patrick's Journey

Patrick's so big that it's getting in the way of his relationship with his daughter. If he wants to see her graduate high school, he'll have to reverse course.

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