Episode 1

Reputation Of Evil

Steven Avery is released after 18 years in prison, when evidence reveals he's innocent of a vicious attack. Months later, he's arrested for murder. Did he do it?

Episode 2

Execution In Question

A man is executed for the murder of his sister-in-law, Wanda McCoy, despite a campaign to prove his innocence. 14 years later, DNA testing reveals the truth.

Episode 3

Poetic Justice

A businessman stands trial for the brutal murder of his fiancée. Six months after his sensational acquittal, new evidence is found under the floorboards.

Episode 4

Evil In His Eyes

Kenny Waters is sentenced to life in prison for the fatal stabbing of his neighbour. But his sister believes he is innocent. After 14 years, she uncovers the truth.

Episode 5

Killer Confessions

When Viola Manville is beaten to death, police suspect a man whose brother was convicted of an assault on her years earlier. 18 years later, new evidence emerges.

Episode 6

Burden Of Proof

When a woman is found dead in the woods with 27 stab wounds, her husband and friend are suspects. 24 years later DNA testing finally reveals the killer's identity.

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