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World-renowned Egyptologist and mummy expert, Ramy Romany, travels the globe in search of forgotten history and extraordinary secrets surrounding the legendary phenomena in this compelling series.

These mummies hold extraordinary secrets; but they can only be unlocked if you know how to unravel them. Using his experience decoding the dead as well as cutting-edge technology to unearth new discoveries, his work aims to unlock clues to mysteries that have endured for centuries.

From the polar ice caps to the bogs of Scandinavia, the mountains of Tibet to the African savanna and beyond, Ramy is on a mission for the truth.


Episode 1

The Cursed Mummy Tribe

Deep in the Peruvian jungle, dozens of mummies have been found in cliffside tombs. Archaeologist Ramy Romany searches for evidence of who these people were.

Episode 2

Human Sacrifice In The Sky

The mummies of three Incan children are discovered in the Andes at a notorious UFO hotspot. Ramy examines why they trekked 1,000 miles to their death.

Episode 3

Stolen Fortune Of The Pirate Mummy

A mummy recovered at the bottom of the Atlantic has led treasure hunters to $120 million in gold and jewels stolen by infamous pirate Black Sam.

Episode 4

Mayan Mass Grave Mystery

Archaeologist Ramy Romany investigates a mysterious underwater grave in the ancient Mayan city of Mayapán. Were these people victims of human sacrifice?

Episode 5

Hunting Lincoln's Assassin

A missing mummy could re-write the history of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Ramy Romany investigates whether John Wilkes Booth actually escaped.

Episode 6

Chasing The Mummy Of Moses

Archaeologist Ramy Romany tracks down 3,000-year-old clues that Moses, the legendary prophet, could actually be the desecrated mummy of King Akhenaten.

Episode 7

Fire In King Tut's Tomb

Archaeologist Ramy Romany investigates whether King Tut's mummy was burnt from a change in the mummification process, or was there a more sinister reason?

Episode 8

The Trail Of Murdered Mummies

Archaeologist Ramy Romany examines well-preserved bodies from more than 2,000 years ago to see if they were victims of human sacrifice.

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