About The Show

A team of hardcore hunters are at the ready to help local mountain communities rest more easily when night falls and nature comes out to play.


Episode 1

The Dark Forest Revealed

AIMS are in a race to flee the Dark Forest. Plus, after a health update from Trapper, they hunt for an old barn that may hold the key to answers...

Episode 2

The Waya Woman Of Jackson County

The AIMS team hunts down a monstrous wolf-like creature that is lurking in the cornfields of Jackson County, West Virginia.

Episode 3

The Secret Of The Blue House

After making a shocking discovery in the cornfields of Jackson County, West Virginia, AIMS continue their search for the truth about the Waya Woman.

Episode 4

The Silver Giant Of Boone County

AIMS looks for a big bear-like creature known as the Silver Giant and build their largest trap ever. Plus, they learn about other beasts there too.

Episode 5

The Cherokee Death Cat

The AIMS team continue to explore the legend of Spearfinger and set off to investigate the Cherokee Death Cat - a ferocious feline with a deadly curse.

Episode 6

The Mystery Of The Death Cat Barn

During their quest to find the Cherokee Death Cat, the AIMS team heard a roar from a mysterious barn. It leads them to a shocking discovery!

Episode 7

The Coyote King

The AIMS team are shocked to discover there is an enormous canine stalking the hallows of Cherokee County, North Carolina. What is the beast?

Episode 8

The Return Of Trapper

The AIMS team meet with their leader Trapper who reveals a clue they have been missing. With the new information they try again to find the Cherokee Devil.

Episode 9

The Secret Of The Red Shed

The AIMS team set off to track down one of the cloaked figures at the heart of the Spearfinger mystery. However, the red shed might hold all the answers.

Episode 10

The Twisted Torch

The AIMS team searches for Jeff after he is drawn away by a cloaked figure. Their hunt leads them to answers that shed some light on the Spearfinger folklore.