Episode 1

House of Horrors

Kathy Rowe has devoted her life to her daughter. But to what lengths will she go to ensure her happiness? Plus, Sara fights for full custody of her daughter.

Episode 2

Home Scary Home

Prison psychologist and mother Laurie Martinez is exposed to delinquency daily. When crime threatens her home life, she takes drastic measures to move on up.

Episode 4

Love & War

St. Augustine mum, Tawny Blazejowski wants to raise a family with the man she loves. When her plans crumble, she takes matters into her own hands.

Episode 5

A Helping Hand

Selena moves to Utah to start a new life with her daughter. Together, they embark on the promise of a fresh start - but will it come at the cost...

Episode 6

Sins of the Mother

When mother and sole breadwinner Kathleen Jones needs cash fast, her teenage daughters cook up a high-risk, high-reward scheme to save the day.

Episode 7

The Cost of Love

When businesswoman, Nadia Cavner's not-so-little girl's heart is broken, she'll utilize all her assets to make the young man pay.

Episode 8

Between Friends

Melinda Sayers' home burns the night before her daughter is to be released from the hospital. It's a tragic coincidence, but is there more to her story?

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