Episode 1

Dome Over Houston

The Houston Dome Project is a radical attempt to provide a solution to the city's damage from hurricanes, heat and the growing problem of global warming.

Episode 2

Bering Strait Tunnel

Connecting Russia and Alaska this would be the most ambitious and expensive tunnelling project ever attempted. CGI shows how the project could take shape.

Episode 3

Personal Pods

Personal Pods are a high-speed, non-stop, self-driving transit system that could solve traffic problems in Washington DC. How would they work?

Episode 4

Underground City

Chicago is home to some of America's most iconic skyscrapers, but with real estate at a premium, could an underground city be the solution to the space crunch?

Episode 5

Mile High Skyscraper

Shanghai faces a double crisis: overpopulation and urban sprawl. Could the solution be building up and constructing the planet's tallest tower, over 1.5km high?

Episode 6

City at Sea

Some engineers believe the way for New Orleans to escape the water is to build a floating city. Long a dream for engineers, science has finally caught up with the...

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