About The Show

Joel is in the lush and picturesque New Zealand Mountains where is he hunted by a group of military trained native Maori. Can Joel make 15+ miles in just 36 hours?


Episode 1

Before the Chase

An inside look at the conditions during production of the series, which proved just as demanding as the challenges themselves, with hazards plaguing the crew.

Episode 2

South Africa

Joel is hunted across a private game reserve in South Africa. He faces off against one of the most specialized forces, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

Episode 3


Joel has 36 hours to escape and evade Poland's elite border guard, the Straz Graniczna. Joel is forced to pull out all his deception tactics - but will it be...

Episode 4


Panama's anti-drug trafficking unit SENAFRONT has 36 hours to track, hunt and capture Joel through the Jungles of San Jose Island. Will Joel's skills help him to escape?

Episode 5


Joel faces off against the U.S. Army's Phantom Recon unit - a battle-tested group of trackers, supremely skilled in hunting down the most elusive of enemy targets.

Episode 6


Joel faces off against the Philippines Army Scout Rangers. The elite group has 48 hours to track, hunt and capture Joel before he escapes the dense Philippines jungle.

Episode 7

South Korea

Joel faces off against South Korean National Police SWAT unit in an urban evasion, as he attempts to escape the heavily populated and highly trafficked island of JeJu.