About The Show

Pen-pal couples finally meet their fiancés upon release from prison. Will their love survive after incarceration on the turbulent road to the altar?


Episode 1

Cheap Thrills & Big Dills

An ex-guard awaits her forbidden lover's prison release. Stan, 65, fears his prison girlfriend, 39, may not look like her pictures.

Episode 2

Sugar Daddy Or Boyfriend?

Josh is a reborn virgin at his release and Lisa shocks Stan. Britney's confession stuns her family and Daonte spends big bucks on his fiancée, Nicolle.

Episode 3

Freak In The Sheets

Britney panics when Ray's release takes a shocking turn. Nicolle's secret complicates Daonte's big sexual expectations. Lisa's confession worries Stan.

Episode 4

Imaginary Boyfriend?

Rachel and Doug consummate their prison wedding with a sexy reunion. Lisa's call sends Stan into a rage. Friends doubt if Anissa's fiancé is even real.

Episode 5

Third Times A Charm?

Nicolle keeps a secret. Stan loses it on Lisa and makes a shocking accusation. After 11 years waiting for Jeff, Anissa fears he may be a no-show again.

Episode 6

The Halfway Handoff

Doug risks parole when a family feud breaks out. Nicolle's shocking confession stuns Daonte. Stan begs for forgiveness, but Lisa has demands.

Episode 7

Sex Dolls & Booty Calls

Lisa's risky run-in with the cops spells trouble. Jeff keeps a secret from Anissa. Courtney plans her wedding, but fears her relationship is on the rocks.

Episode 8

Walk Of Shame

Daonte is stunned when he catches Nicolle with her ex. Rachel freaks when Doug shows his true colours. A former prison guard confronts her lover.

Episode 9

Can't Buy Me Love

Nicolle goes on a night out behind Daonte's back. Jeff's spending spree shocks Anissa, but a secret changes everything. Lisa's big demand sparks tension with Stan.

Episode 10

Secret Cell-Mates

Rachel makes a shocking discovery about Doug. Jeff uncovers Anissa's secret, and a wild brawl breaks out. Lisa's ex-con brother interrogates Stan.

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