Episode 1


In the Mexican desert Bradley Trevor Greive and Billy Almon track down and test the almost supernatural abilities of the giant horned lizard.

Episode 2

Murderous Mouse

The team scours the Sonoran Desert for North America's carnivorous grasshopper mouse. Its bite and vertical leap turn it into a vicious scorpion killer at night.

Episode 3

Eight-Legged Nightmare

The team is in Modimolle, South Africa, to find the mighty whip scorpion. This shape-shifting arachnid is one of the world's most gifted nocturnal predators.

Episode 4

Alien Amphibian

The guys are in Manambato, Madagascar, to track down the tomato frog. One of the world's most remarkable ambush predators, it can dig into the ground in seconds.

Episode 5

Desert Terminator

In the arid scrubland of Tinaja, New Mexico, Bradley and Billy track down the giant scolopendra centipede. Armed with venomous claws, it's a relentless killer.

Episode 6

Jurassic Jawbreaker

Bradley and Billy are in Great Karoo, South Africa, searching for a majestic micro-dragon - the armadillo girdled lizard. It has a formidable defence mechanism.

Episode 7

Baby-Faced Menace

Bradley and Billy are in southern California to find a super predator, the sugar glider. These marsupials are the dominant predator for their size.

Episode 8

Hell Hamster

The guys are in Mpumalanga, South Africa, searching for the Cape mole-rat. They have giant, razor-sharp teeth and is known as the 'king of the underground'.

Episode 9

Silent Butt Deadly

Bradley and Billy are in the Mojave Desert, California, to find the bombardier beetle. When attacked or agitated, it releases a hot, noxious chemical spray.

Episode 10

Rainforest Ninja

In the Madagascan rainforest, the team searches for a nearly invisible creature: the panther chameleon. When testing, the reptile seems to defy the laws of physics.

Episode 11

Prickly Punk

A difficult search of the Madagascan forest floor reveals the lowland tenrec, an animal that often tunnels underground and loaded with ultra-sharp senses and defences.

Episode 12

Medieval Raptor

Bradley and Billy discover that the Yucatan thorn forest is the ideal home for the tough spiny-tailed iguana, but a perilous place for thin-skinned humans.

Episode 13

Adorable Assassin

The team is in Madagascar to study the recently-discovered Goodman's mouse lemur. One of the world's smallest primates, it's incredible agile and ferocious.

Episode 14

Winged Warrior

Bradley and Billy are hunting for dragons deep in the rainforests of Thailand. The flying dragon rules the jungle canopy, gliding and dive-bombing its prey.

Episode 15

Airborne Battle Tank

The rhinoceros beetle has one of the highest strength to bodyweight ratios on the planet. The team is in Thailand to test this beefy beetle.

Episode 16

Venomous Missile

In Thailand, the team track down one of the few venomous mammals in the world. With incredible agility, the Thai musk shrew is a force to be reckoned with.

Episode 17

Episode 17

The team searches the Nevada desert for the camel spider. This eight-legged terror has two pairs of jaws and is the fastest arachnid on the planet.

Episode 18

Episode 18

The team scours a dangerous Thai rainforest to track down the stunningly coloured tokay gecko. Its gravity-defying adhesive abilities defy logic - and gravity.

Episode 19

Episode 19

In Mozambique, the team track down the deadly devil's flower mantis. Virtually invisible, it resembles a tropical flower and is covered in daggers and hooks.

Episode 20

Episode 20

The team search for a nocturnal predator in the jungles of Laos. Covered in toxic barbs, the virtually indestructible crocodile newt can regrow its limbs and tail.

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