Episode 1

No Sleep 'Til Graduation

School is in full swing and in just a few months the students will be doctors. Adding to the stress they must first pass their final rotations.

Episode 2

Match Day Madness

Match day is here and tensions are high throughout the hospital. Today the fourth-year students will find out if they have been matched to an internship program.

Episode 3

Large Animal Emergency

The students are halfway through their spring semester rotations. Lindsay has a hectic week treating a mare and foal for pneumonia.

Episode 4

Emergency C-Section

Fourth year student Clint assists in an emergency C-section on a Cocker Spaniel, only to discover that the newborn puppy may not make it.

Episode 5

Critical Care

Graduation is around the corner but intense rotations are still ahead - they must show no weakness on the road to becoming qualified veterinarians.

Episode 6

Race To The Finish

It's just days until graduation and the students finish their final rotations but although the countdown has started emergencies still need immediate attention.

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