Episode 1

Rivers Of Gold

Facing bankruptcy, Alaskan gold miner Farley Dean treks to Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea, to seek a fortune apparently guarded by huge, man-eating crocodiles.

Episode 2

An Ounce An Hour

The final member of Farley Dean's gold-mining crew arrives on Bougainville Island, but a reckless decision by Farley divides the crew and jeopardises the mission.

Episode 3

Man Down

Tension among the crew grows after a rash move by Farley leaves him broken and bedridden. Team morale sinks with equipment failure, a beached boat, and killer crocs.

Episode 4

River From Hell

Gold miner Farley aims to save his family business in the deadly jungle - but a frustrated crew, suspicious tribal chiefs and unforgiving river threaten the mission.

Episode 5

Blood In The Water

Farley Dean's high-risk plans are yet to pay off for the crew and mutiny is in the air. Meanwhile Jim trains Ian in how to trap crocodiles to protect the...

Episode 6

Gold Strike

On Bougainville Island, nothing comes without a price, and a freak accident hits Farley's right hand man, crippling the team and leaving the expedition in doubt.

Episode 7

Monster Croc

Farley's expedition hits pay dirt. But as the team makes an assault on the Queen's River, they face a huge man-eating croc. Will they hit gold in a nearby island...

Episode 8

Judgement Day

With only 72 hours left, the crew goes to war with the deadly monster croc. However, locals resort to sabotage in an attempt to drive the crew off the island.

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