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12th December


About The Show

Andy built an empire out of a junkyard, but when business booms he risks losing his grip. Plus, problems with his race-car threaten to turn into a headache.


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Episode 1

British Catastrophe

When Bobby Cohen spots a rusty British cab at the junkyard, he vows to save it. But his son, Andy, thinks he's crazy and invests in a Lamborghini Murcielago.

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Episode 2

Fast Times At Junkyard Empire

Andy and Bobby see their employees as family. But can they turn a wrecked K-9 explosives police wagon into a camo-wrapped hunting truck for Tim's son?

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Junkyard Blitz

When Andy tries to convert an old Dodge pick-up into a vintage Power Wagon, Bobby goes crazy. Then Andy buys a German military truck for a crazy advertising scheme.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Old Mustang, New Muscle

When Andy finds an '85 Mustang SVO, he tries to transplant a modern Ford Ecoboost engine into a car built around an old 2.3-litre motor.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Wired For Speed

Andy finds a wire harness to marry his SVO Mustang to a new EcoBoost engine. George cuts an F350 in half to create a single cab short bed diesel pick-up...

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Big Red Build

Andy returns a 2010 Dodge Viper to muscle car glory. Then, he fixes up a 1950 fire truck - but money's tight so he gets creative to put Big Red...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

One Bad Barracuda

Andy Cohen turns piles of rusting junk into a money-making machine. Backed up by his team, he chases down deals and adds value to what others throw away.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Hellcuda Unleashed

Andy's Barracuda build keeps hitting setbacks, causing frustration amongst the team. Later, Tommy brings some retro-cool to a junked helicopter.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Mustang Time Machine

Dave Jensen asks Andy to restore his dad's 1964 Mustang. Plus, Jen wants to sell her Jeep but when Andy decides to fix it up, she throws a wrench in...

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Wrecked Wrangler Rehab

Andy and his dad Bobby restore a couple of classics: A Jeep Wrangler that's an American icon, and a 1986 Monte Carlo once known as "The Heartbeat of America."

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Junkyard Driftin'

Andy squeezes a Hemi engine into a Jeep Wrangler for a power boost. Jeff revives an '86 RX-7 with a Corvette LT1 motor, and Tim rehabs a trashed Boston Whaler.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Father-Son Run

When Andy has another try at the world speed record for tow trucks in his Racing Wrecker, Bobby plans to take him on in a 1979 Zephyr with a hot...