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24th April


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Andy built an empire out of a junkyard, but when business booms he risks losing his grip. Plus, problems with his race-car threaten to turn into a headache.


Episode 1

Yukon Do It!

The junkyard is shorthanded and a total mess, and Bobby wants Andy to sort it out himself. But, Andy has others plans, setting up something special.

Episode 2

Mud, Floors And Fire

The yard is hosting its annual car show. Plus, Andy wants to fix his old 1980 Jeep CJ-5 and he helps rehab drag racing champion Mo Hall rehab his 1969...

Episode 3


When a beat-up Chevy truck rolls into the yard, Andy thinks it's too valuable to crush. Bobby isn't pleased when Andy decides to flip it, but Andy sees dollar signs.

Episode 4

Re-Cooping Losses

Andy gives Bobby the keys to his Cooper to flip, but this Mini has major issues. With his dad occupied, Andy takes on projects Bobby would never approve of.

Episode 5

Like Father, Like Datsun

Bobby fixes up a '76 Datsun 260Z as a surprise gift for his wife. Andy takes a Jeep Wrangler to Ocean City Jeep Week but a must-fix problem pops up.

Episode 6

Extra Mustard

Bobby takes on the build of a lifetime - a hot dog truck. Andy would never approve, so Bobby suggests he attend a car show out of town to get...

Episode 7

Up In Smoke

Andy and Tim take on a professional drifting course, while Blair tackles a luxurious, yet smoking, 2013 Audi A8L. Dave installs a new rear end on Andy's '66 Nova.

Episode 8

Money's On The Finish Line

Andy buys a stolen and stripped Porsche C4S at an auction, but Bobby has his doubts. Dave works overtime to beef up a '57 Belair for a drag race.

Episode 9

Cashin' In

Between tracking down body parts for the stripped Porsche and helping a client modernize a vintage hot rod, Andy has fallen behind - and Bob's not happy!

Episode 10

Toys For Big Boys

A '68 RS SS Camaro hasn't run in more than 20 years, but now it's time to turn the former cover car into a 1,200 horsepower street car.

Episode 11

Captain Scrappy

With Dave's help and some new technology, Andy's sure the Hot Wheels tow truck can break the speed record. And, Andy wants to build a giant statue out of car...

Episode 12

Large And In Charge

Andy's 2015 Challenger RT is a wreck because of Bobby, but if he can fix the exterior, it will be a knockout sale. And, Tommy updates the Big Red Jeep.

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