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Coming Soon

Episode 1

We are JDM Legends

The Japanese Domestic Market is a fast-rising car counterculture. Eric Bizek and his team restore 70s era Japanese automobiles for uber-loyal customers.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The Blue Light Special

Eric and the team have imported the rare Nissan Skyline since they opened - but this one is quite a project. And, there's a 1966 Bluebird race car to restore.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Red Hood Bad Luck

With a sketchy hood, misaligned badges and the wrong wheels, a '72 Skyline GT-X from Hawaii needs an upgrade. A '70 Bluebird with a top racing engine has a refresh.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Road Ready

Eric and Josh perfect a one-year-only model 1968 Datsun 510. Mauricio tries to feed his car addiction with a new old car and Eric gets a 1989 Nissan Pao.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Engine Swap Experiment

Eric and Josh try to replace an original carburetted engine with a modern Nissan one. The guys head to California for the US's biggest Japanese car show.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

A True JDM Legend

Eric and the team begin a full frame up restoration on the most sought after and valuable car in the JDM world, the Nissan Skyline GT-R.