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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Release The Eagle

On the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Officer Johnson must save an injured bald eagle. On Kodiak Island, biologist Bill Leacock enters the heart of bear country.

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Episode 2

The Heart Of Bear Country

Bill and Dustin must recover critical bear data before a storm strands them in Kodiak bear country. On the Kenai Refuge, Chris tracks an illegal trapper.

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Episode 3

The Salmon Are Coming!

As fishing season begins, Rob seeks missing passengers from an overturned boat on the Kenai. Intern Laura gets experience with the infamous migrating salmon.

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Episode 4

The Mountain Goat Quest

Bill and Dustin get close to a sow and cubs at a fish weir, and Dom takes a long hike into the Chugash to see what happened to one of...

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Episode 5

Fishing The Midnight River

Rob puts his beloved K-9 partner to the test to ensure he's up to the job, while Officer Chris tackles the start of fishing season on the Kenai.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Learning To Fly

Rob gives his K-9, Rex, a training test that may decide the fate of their partnership. Laura embarks on a bush plane aerial survey of the trumpeter swan population.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Devil's Bay

Chris patrols Tustumena Lake and faces glacial winds in Devil's Bay. Bill, Amber and Dustin hike deep into bear country and come dangerously close to some Kodiak bears.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Junk Yard Eagle

Chris rescues a sick, dumpster-diving eagle. Meanwhile, Laura investigates why a boreal forest has disappeared, and the Kodiak team gets close to feeding bears.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Surrounded By Bears

While on an expedition, Bill and Dustin find themselves surrounded by Kodiak bears. Meanwhile, Dom is on his way to place tracking collars on mountain goats.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

End Of Summer

Chris investigates a bear attack, and Rob patrols the dangerous outskirts of the refuge. Bill and Dustin head out to observe bears one last time the end of the season.