Episode 1


Jamie Crawford heads to the Namibian desert to sandboard with sidewinder snakes. Action-man Jamie will do anything to mimic amazing animal adaptations.

Episode 2


Jamie seeks out some orangutans to find out how they move through the trees. Several scratches later, Jamie proves it's tricky work imitating the king of the swingers.

Episode 3


Rock-tailed Wallabies and Death Adders greet Jamie as he ventures into the Australian outback. Nothing prepares him for the mesmerising moves of the bandy bandy snake.

Episode 4


Jamie meets the eels of the Amazon to experience how electric they are. A stun gun is the only way for him to mimic this adaptation and so Jamie braces...

Episode 5

South Africa

The South African waters are perfect for the great white shark, so Jamie goes underwater and uses himself as bait.

Episode 6


Jamie heads to the Cloud forest in Equador which is home to huge amounts of varied and interesting wildlife. It is here when he encounters the real life Paddington bear.

Episode 7


Fire Ants bring tears to Jamie's eyes as he investigates the Savannah in Tanzania. He then finds out that stalking prey isn't as easy as it looks.

Episode 8


Jamie Crawford is in the Everglades today, desperate to get bitten by some mosquitoes. Unsatisfied with his bites, he heads to a lab to find out how bad mozzies can...

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