About The Show

Mind-blowing true stories of high-stakes gambling! These players share their ‘tricks of the trade’ and how they beat the casinos, the mob, and the law.


Episode 1

$4.5 Million Gamble

A roulette dealer discovers a way to cheat for his favourite customers. Plus, a gambler ends up in a Vegas car chase with $4.5 million in cash in his back...

Episode 2

The Blind Card Shark

A blind man's ability to win at cards puts him in a fight for his life. Plus, a legendary cheat finds a surprising way to outsmart the casinos and the...

Episode 3

Bet Everything On Red

A man wagers his life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel. Plus, a pool hustler's life is on the line after being set up and robbed at...

Episode 4

Atlantic City Outlaw

A crafty card counter robs casinos using a pair of computerised shoes. Plus, a brazen bookie attempts to outrun the law.

Episode 5

The Lost Weekend

A party boy who runs his own poker games finds himself in a life-or-death situation. Two broke guys go on a weekend adventure they'll never forget.

Episode 6

The Master Of Disguises

A disguised card counter is hunted down after a gambling trip gone bad. A gameshow guru reveals the never-before-told secret behind his biggest win.

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