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28th April



Episode 1

Mystery Of The Golden King

Stel and Jess begin their search for the lost city of Atlantis. In Bulgaria, they uncover mysterious gold treasure and evidence of an ancient catastrophe.

Episode 2

Island Of Rings

Stel and Jess explore underwater ruins off the coast of Greece. Their quest to find Atlantis leads them on ancient trade routes and into the heart of a volcano.

Episode 3

Pyramid At Sea

Stel and Jess investigate a mysterious Greek island where an ancient civilisation built a massive marble pyramid. Could this structure lead them to Atlantis?

Episode 4

Legend Of The Adriatic

Stel and Jess dig into unexplored archaeological sites along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. They find a network of sinkholes big enough to swallow an ancient city.

Episode 5

Sicily's Secrets

Stel and Jess sail to Sicily to explore Europe's largest active volcano. Their investigation leads them to a hidden labyrinth and a mysterious underwater monolith.

Episode 6

City Underground

In Turkey, Stel and Jess investigate ancient cave paintings that could be connected to Atlantis. And, they examine a shifted shoreline and ruins of a lost city.

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