Episode 2

Welcome To The Doghouse

Ready to take a risk for a bigger payoff, Nate bets on a guy with a '67 Belvedere. But does this gamble have the gas to help his Doghouse dream...

Episode 3

A Dog Flees

Missouri-native Chris joins the dog-house to rebuild a '70 Chevy C-10, with a pal. But when his buddy splits Chris and Nate are under pressure to get the job done.

Episode 4

Old Dog, New Truck

Nate sees dollar signs when Fabian and Amy surprise him with a 1948 bread truck to flip. But mechanical problems and a strict time limit increase the pressure.

Episode 5

Every Dog Has His Honcho

Long-time renter Pat is ready to become a partner at the Doghouse. He finds a cool but complicated 1980 Jeep Honcho flip that will definitely turn heads.

Episode 6

Six Figure Dog: Part 1

Shane's dreams for his 1957 Chevy 210 Wagon are put on hold when the rusted car falls apart in the Doghouse. And, Nate takes a gamble in the hopes of...

Episode 7

Six Figure Dog: Part 2

Shane returns to offer Nate a 50/50 partnership on a rare 1956 Chevy Nomad. It's a big investment of both time and money - but will their work pay off?