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Veteran homicide detective Garry McFadden and other Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers recount some of the most dramatic murders they investigated.


Episode 1

My Friend, The End

When teenager Harmahn Smith misses his curfew, his parents seek the police's help. His car and body are discovered - what happened to the 18-year-old?

Episode 2

Auditing Evil

Insurance auditor, Sallie Rohrbach, disappears during a routine assignment. Detectives follows numerous dead-ends until they discover the horrifying truth.

Episode 3

Churchside Killer

Hardworking single mother-of-two Kenyadda Patterson's body is found near a church. The detectives are shocked to discover who was behind the rape and murder.

Episode 4

Trail Of Evil

In 1979, bar manager Harriet Simmons disappears and almost a decade later so does Jerri Ann Jones. It takes detectives almost twenty years to link the two murders.

Episode 5

Devil In Disguise

When thirty-one-year-old Navy veteran Nikki McPhatter is reported missing by her sister, detectives follow a trail that leads them into the dark lair of a killer.

Episode 6

Abcs Of Murder

When school-teacher and youth worker Anthony Davis is found killed in his bed police are stumped. However, it turns out that the killer was someone he tried to help.

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