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4th March



Mar 4



Episode 5

Mount Rustmore Of Chevys

For fun in the sun and the mud, the boys take a 1988 Blazer and create the ultimate toy on wheels: an off-road beater with tons of smiles per gallon.

Mar 11



Episode 1

F-350 Backbreaker

The guys transform a 1966 Ford F-350 into a desirable utility pick-up. They install a utility bed, upgrade the interior upholstery, and give it a fresh paint job.

Mar 18



Episode 2

Haulin' The Mail

The brothers transform a 1976 postal Jeep from long-retired civil servant to beach cruiser, adding a secret Cobra engine, suicide doors and surf racks.

Episode 3

VW Bust To Killer Bus

A 1969 Volkswagen van gets a new lease of life with some peace, love, and mud tires. The guys finish it off with a period-correct paint job and new interior.

Episode 4

Dentist's Office Or Dakar?

The brothers give a 1985 Mercedes-Benz the off-road "safari package," cutting out the fenders, re-routing the exhaust and customising a brush guard.

Episode 6

Dodge D100 In Distress

The brothers stance and drop a Cummins diesel into an '85 Dodge. They turn it into a Sunday shredder in classic "pro street" style!

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