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Home renovation expert Jasmine Roth comes to the rescue of homeowners who’ve made disastrous DIY mistakes. Can she turn these mishaps into dream spaces?


Episode 1

In Too Deep

Months of indecision has led a couple's renovation to hit a wall, and now Jasmine steps in to create a wheelchair accessible, open concept sanctuary.

Episode 2

Second Chances

After a successful main floor renovation, Jasmine creates a second floor, Japandi-inspired oasis that meets each family member's unique needs.

Episode 3

Something's Got To Give

Jasmine takes on a couple's home that's filled with unfinished projects, all while finding a balance between their industrial and boho styles.

Episode 4

Crowd Control

Jasmine helps a family with six kids who've run out of room and patience. She delivers the calming, storage-packed renovation of their dreams.

Episode 5

Hello High Water

Jasmine has just eight weeks to help a couple who tried - and failed - their own renovation after a flood damaged a large portion of their home.

Episode 6

Wide Open Spaces

Jasmine has nine weeks to help a couple fall back in love with their house in the country by relocating their kitchen and overhauling the main floor.

Episode 7

Midcentury Coastal

Jasmine's best friends started DIYing when they bought their house, but now they're stuck. Jasmine has 12 weeks to create the home of their dreams.

Episode 8

Don't Wait, Renovate

With three children and a house with failed fixes and black mould, a couple have their hands full and can't put off their renovation plans any longer.

Episode 9

Demolition Derby

After 13 years of weekend renovations, a couple got so impatient with their lack of progress that they demolished almost every room in their house.

Episode 10

Family First

A couple is thrilled with Jasmine's work on their second floor, and they planned to finish the main floor themselves, but it's still a disaster zone.

Episode 11

Empty Nesting

Jasmine helps a couple who hasn't made any major home improvements in 20 years. She has just eight weeks to create a family gathering dream space.

Episode 12

Here Comes The Sun

Jasmine Roth helps a family who bought a fixer-upper transform their kitchen, living room and playroom into a light and beachy space.

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