Episode 1

Whispers From The Dead

In Little Falls, Minnesota, a retiree is disturbed by a home break-in, ending in a grim double murder. Audio recordings of the killings reveal what happened.

Episode 2

Dead and Deleted

A mum in Georgia is killed after vanishing from home. Audio files captured by her tech-obsessed husband offer vital clues - and reveal a disturbing secret.

Episode 3

Ghost In The Machine

When a mother is shot dead next to her toddler, it sparks a murder investigation of passion, kidnapping and intimidation. Could a Dictaphone reveal her killer?

Episode 4

Sex, Lies And Audiotape

A mum accused of murder must clear her name by secretly recording a confession from the man she claims is framing her - and sordid revelations emerge.

Episode 5

The Sound Of Terror

In 1983, the Secret Service trails a counterfeiter. The audio recordings they find of him torturing women reveal one of history's most depraved serial killers.

Episode 6

Death By Design

A couple's fight reaches a tragic end when one of them is shot. A tape recorder that has captured the victim's final words becomes evidence in a murder trial.

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