About The Show

Meet the Gold family, owners of Detroit’s biggest pawn shop. With a warehouse full of goods there are millions to be made, but their profits come with huge risk.


Episode 1

Life After Death

With Ashley gone, business seems to really be picking up. Meanwhile, Les longs to bring Ashley back into the business, but Seth is having none of it.

Episode 2

Return of the Queen?

Les snaps when a customer threatens to kick off over a broken necklace. And later, Les calls Ashley in for a family sit-down. But will she agree to return?

Episode 3

Fire Bomb

A car catches fire in the parking lot, threatening the power lines that supply American Jewellery. The car, ironically, is owned by a fireman.

Episode 4

Les Walks Out

Les leaves to attend a business meeting, and leaves it up to Seth and Ashley to take care of American Jewellery. Will their sibling rivalry boil over again?

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