Episode 1

Did You Kill Your Wife

A cop reopens a decades-old case of a woman shot dead in her bed. It was initially ruled as suicide, until modern forensics and new witnesses emerge.

Episode 2

Ticking Time Bomb

Police turn to surveillance footage to learn about the last moments of a woman whose burning corpse was found outside Atlanta - and find her killer.

Episode 3

Hunting The Hunter

The daytime shooting of an Ohio man confounds Silverton police until security video surfaces. Was a broken heart at the centre of this violent act?

Episode 4

Hunting Ground

Fear grips San Diego after police find a murdered woman's body tossed over a highway bridge. Investigators are led to a suspect that shocks everyone.

Episode 5

Blind Spot

The murder of a hardworking Syrian immigrant in Jacksonville, Florida, uncovers a history of theft and violence spanning years that shocks police.

Episode 6


Solving a murder is hard enough. But what happens when detectives are faced with a perpetrator who knows how to stay one step ahead - a killer with a badge.

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