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Three teams of miners dive under the ice to dredge gold on the floor of the Bering Sea. Who will hit pay dirt and who will go home empty handed?


Episode 1


Miners risk their lives diving below the ice on the frozen Bering Sea for a fortune in gold. While one miner nearly loses his life, another hits his biggest payday...

Episode 2

Gold Luck

Tempers rise as the winter season comes into full swing. Emily suffers a setback with brand new equipment while Jason rubs the Wild Ranger crew the wrong way.

Episode 3

Gold from the Deep

The dangers of working under the ice are all too apparent to the fleet. Zeke and Glen move to an area of deep sea and become concerned with nitrogen poisoning.

Episode 4

The Champagne Kiss Off

It's getting late in the ice mining season. The challenges of finding gold are wearing on the miners and some important relationships are beginning to fray.

Episode 5

Grounds for Divorce

Gold fever is on the rise as the fleet races to find fortune before seasons end. One miner turns treacherous by leaking valuable information to the competition.

Episode 6

Let the Gold War Begin

In Nome, Alaska, the tides are turning. With the season coming to a close, friendships and relationships have crumbled - and it's all for the lure of gold.

Episode 7

Are We Rich?

With temperatures rising and the Bering Sea melting, time is running short for the fleet of gold dredgers. As the ice fractures, one team sees their dream float away.

Episode 8

Sunken Treasure

As the ice season comes to an end, the fleet scrambles for their last pans of gold. While some captains meet their goals, others continue to struggle.

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