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4th July



Jul 2



Episode 5

Road Rash

Two confident young drifters arrive at the compound with a BMW E36 and a modded-out Mustang. The more experienced third driver has come to teach them a lesson.

Jul 4



Episode 6

Wet And Wild

Heavy rain turns the compound into a wet-and-wild wasteland. A '55 Dodge pickup, Nissan 240SX and a '94 Ford Taurus scour it for traction and an exit.

Jul 11



Episode 7

Rage Against The Machine

One getaway driver takes the pursuers on the longest run ever. Can he find an exit in his $100,000 Nissan S14 before he's forced to pay the ultimate price?

Episode 1

Crash And Burn

Michelle Rodriguez challenges three competitors to put their cars on the line for a chance to be the wheelman in a real-life high-speed chase.

Episode 2

Electric Shock

A Tesla, a '66 Impala Wagon and an S2000 try to outrun an elite team of pursuers in a real-life high-speed car chase. A wrong turn sends one driver over...

Episode 3

Out For Blood

Competition heats up in the compound and the pursuers are taking prisoners. One driver learns a painful lesson, while the others run for their lives.

Episode 4

The Smashed And The Furious

A stunt driver, a drift instructor and an exotic car salesman compete in a high-speed car chase. For one getaway driver, fantasy turns into a nightmare.

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