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About The Show

Scott and Brian take a trip Back to the Future in a Delorean. Later, the boys come across a Pokémon collectible that could be worth big bucks.


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Episode 1

Let the Games Begin

Meet Scott and Brian of Branson Pawn, two lifelong best friends who now make a living wheeling and dealing for the strangest items owned by the strangest people.

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Episode 2

Branson Pawn: We Buy Anything

Scott and Brian take a trip 'Back to the Future' in a Delorean. Later, the boys come across a Pokémon collectible that could be worth big bucks.

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Episode 3

Scott's Lucky Day

Branson Pawn is storming with business this week with an Evel Knievel pill bottle, an Elvis Presley license, and a Beatles themed velvet painting up for grabs.

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Episode 4

Call Your Shot

When a seller comes in with a piece of NBA history, Brian has to decide if the price is worth it. But will he take a chance on this possible...

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Episode 5

All Sales Final

This week Scott and Brian at Branson Pawn are busy trying to win a deal on a paint ball gun and a vintage accordion. But will they come up trumps?

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Episode 6

Tango Unchained

This week, a pedal-car replica of the Beatles Yellow Submarine is up for grabs. Later on, a seller tries to get the most for her bottle of vintage Champagne.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The King's Gun

An out-of-towner comes into the shop looking for a rare Elvis handgun. When there is $20,000 on the line, will this gun lover know his Elvis or is he firing...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

On the Block

This week at Branson Pawn, the boys are off to auction with a Steve McQueen's Indian Chief motorcycle and a Gotham Cruiser Batmobile. How will they get on?