Episode 1

Sami Engine Swap

Ian Johnson brings back the Suzuki Samurai for an old-fashioned engine swap. He upgrades it with a common rail VW diesel engine from a wrecked vehicle.

Episode 2

LJ Buggy Update

Ian's LJ Buggy has seen a lot of off-road driving. Now to improve it, he rebuilds a custom dash, adds some off-road lights, and upgrades the steering.

Episode 3

JK Stretch Part 1

Ian demonstrates how to stretch a JK 10 inches. He'll cut the frame in half, add an extension, and show how to stretch the Jeep body in the process.

Episode 4

JK Stretch Part 2

The JK stretch project is back from the body shop and is ready for an all-new suspension and axles. Ian sees how it performs by hitting some rock hills.

Episode 5

Tow Overlander

Ian wants his Nissan Titan to tow his new Tracker side by side, so he needs to outfit it for towing. Then he bolts some off-road parts onto the side...

Episode 6

Camping RamCharger

The RamCharger has a new engine and drivetrain but needs to be outfitted for overlanding. Ian builds out the interior for camping, adding a solar panel roof rack.

Episode 7

Shop Truck Pt. 1

Ian needs a new shop truck, so he builds one. He tears down a two-door Dodge Dakota and turns it into a custom tools-carrying monster.

Episode 8

Shop Truck Pt. 2

Ian continues to work on the shop truck Dakota. He works on the drivetrain components, including a complete transmission teardown and rebuild.

Episode 9

Shop Truck Pt. 3

With work almost complete on the shop truck, Ian finds the perfect service bed for it and cuts it in half to fit. He finishes the build with a custom...

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