About The Show

Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins are busy house flippers in Nashville. No job is too big, too small or too dirty for this hardworking former couple.


Episode 1

The Dragon In The Basement

DeRon and Page rehab a brick house in the tranquil Nashville suburb of Whispering Hills. The home's bizarre basement requires serious remodelling.

Episode 2

Termite Terrace

DeRon buys a modern cottage without consulting Page, hoping it will be an easy flip. However, things get tricky when they discover an infestation of insect pests.

Episode 3

Holy Floors, Deron!

DeRon and Page want to transform a rundown cottage into a cosy, modern farmhouse. Their plans hit a snag, however, when they find hidden damage to the subfloor.

Episode 4


Page and DeRon uncover layer after layer of hidden problems as they tackle a 100-year-old house with multiple additions and many mismatched elements.

Episode 5

The Abandoned Rehab

DeRon and Page set out to breathe new life into an unfinished renovation and discover that a house with no walls can still have hidden problems.

Episode 6

The Renovation Shuffle

To make sense of a cottage with a bizarre floor plan, Page and DeRon must relocate every room. They hope to add square footage and value with the adjustments.

Episode 7

There's No Crying In Flipping

When they find fire damage, foundation problems and shoddy repairs, a century-old duplex becomes the most challenging flip of Page and DeRon's career.

Episode 8

The Riddle Of The Bonus Room

DeRon and Page have to do some creative problem solving while trying to add square footage to a modern home in the suburban neighbourhood of Franklin.

Episode 9

Basement Or Bust

Page and DeRon take on a neglected brick ranch house in a promising neighbourhood. Can they transform a bug-infested basement into a bright, modern living space?

Episode 10

Raise The Roof

DeRon and Page see potential under the confusing floor plan of a Nashville home, but a minor roof repair reveals hidden problems. Page steps up to manage the crisis!

Episode 11

Hickory Dickory Dump

Page and DeRon are faced with bizarre homemade furniture and a carpet of cat hair inside a bungalow located in the historic Old Hickory neighbourhood.

Episode 12

Colonial Critters

Page and DeRon tackle a Colonial farmhouse in Smyrna, TN. It has potential but suffers from serious damage caused by a colony of unruly raccoons.

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