About The Show

Four diehard fishermen are determined to fish the most remote waters left on earth. They will battle the elements and they risk their lives in an attempt to live their dream.


Episode 1

Welcome To The Jungle

Four friends set out on a gruelling jungle expedition to investigate rumours of Golden Dorado following migrating baitfish up an uncharted Bolivian river.

Episode 2

Eye Of The Tigerfish

The guys head deep into Zambia, chasing reports of Tigerfish. Standing in their way is 400 miles of unpaved roads, crocs, hippos and a serious lack of fuel.

Episode 3

The Four Norsemen

The team follows a lead to a remote river in Greenland, believed to hold huge Arctic char. And, they investigate a myth of Atlantic Salmon occupying a lone river.

Episode 4

Lair Of The River Wolf

The crew is in Mongolia in search of taimen: the largest, most ferocious member of the salmon family. To get there, they must navigate treacherous conditions.

Episode 5

Don't Lose Your Head

The guys are in Borneo, looking for a fish close to extinction - the mahseer. To find it, they risk entering the territory of the headhunting Dayak people.

Episode 6

Tacos & Tarpon

In Mexico, the crew navigate a maze of crocodile and mosquito-infested waterways and lagoons in search of a rumoured paradise for fishing tarpon.

Episode 7

Danger Down Under

The Barramundi is nearly impossible to find in the wild. The crew travels to Australia, where Aboriginal guides take them to a Barra fisherman's paradise.

Episode 8

Pirates Of Papua New Guinea

Off the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea lies Milne Bay: the rumoured home to huge schools of the giant trevally. The crew try to hook one on a fly...

Episode 9

Big Bad Bonefish

Lake Windsor on Inagua Island is home to a mystery. How did giant ocean-dwelling fish get there? The team aims to find out - and catch some bonefish.

Episode 10

Amazon Giant

The Arapaima is the world's largest scaled freshwater fish and considered the ultimate jungle catch. The crew heads to Ecuador to land one of these living dinosaurs.

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