Episode 1

Margaret And Ian

60-year-old Margaret is one of the NHS's oldest patients to undergo weight loss surgery. Plus, a chef shares the story of losing 11 stone since his operation.

Episode 2

Tina And Caroline

Tina and Caroline reveal how their lives have been blighted by obesity, from chronic immobility to a giant hernia. Weight-loss surgery is their only hope.

Episode 3

Joanna And David

Jo weighs 23 stone but her polycystic ovary syndrome made losing weight difficult. At 42 stone, David is dangerously obese. They share their weight-loss journeys.

Episode 4

Helen And Shaun

Following an injury, Helen's weight soared to 23 stone, and she's determined to lose more than half her weight. And, Shaun loses 14 stone after weight loss surgery.

Episode 5

Susan And Ian

At 26 stone, Susan's weight leaves her unable to enjoy activities with her daughter. Ian has weight loss surgery to give him the chance to be an active dad.

Episode 6

Ben And Vanessa

With a combined weight of 55 stone, couple Ben and Vanessa are determined to shed the pounds together before their wedding.

Episode 7

Mary-Emma And Julie

At more than 30 stone, Julie needs a gastric bypass if she is going to lose weight. Plus, Mary-Emma wants a gastric band fitted to help control her weight.

Episode 8

Ian Grimble And Irene Footer

After years of struggling with her diet, Irene wants to have obesity surgery. And, Ian needs to lose weight to fulfil his dream of becoming a paramedic.

Episode 9

Avril And Ian M

Avril weighs 40 stone and has been told that she's on borrowed time. Meanwhile, Ian's life has been changed drastically by losing 16 stone.

Episode 10

Peter And Chris

Chris weighed 44 stone before a gastric bypass surgery changed his life. Plus, 60-year-old Peter needs radical surgery to control his weight.

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