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Coming Soon

Episode 2

Kathryn & Joss/Jayne & Mark

Jayne is the only woman in the county to have used a surrogate and then went on to be a surrogate mother herself.

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Episode 3

Wendy & Paul/Alison & Martin

Wendy and Paul finally get pregnant after using hypnotherapy, following years of infertility due to PCOS and endometriosis.

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Episode 4

Kerry & Mark/Lisa & Chris

Lisa has had seven miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy due to the fact that she and her partner have a high level of lead in their systems.

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Episode 5

Linda & Mark/Lucy & Steve

Lucy conceived naturally after seven years of IVF, six miscarriages, two surrogate mothers and being told that she was too old to adopt.

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Episode 6

Anya & Damien/Kim & Paul

After trying for a baby for 21 years, Kim and Paul put all of their hopes into a second attempt at IVF. Will it miraculously work this time?

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Episode 7

Helen & Warwick/Alan & Sally

Due to severe endometriosis, Helen was told that she would never have children. Follow the story of Helen and her miracle baby.

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Episode 8

Nicky & Martin/John & Yvonne

After six rounds of IVF, one frozen embryo and spending £25,000 trying for a baby, will a final attempt at IVF work for Yvonne and John this time?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Octavia & Dave/Heather & Andrew

After being told her chances of having children were under one percent, Heather approaches a nutritionist and fertility expert.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Caron & Damien/Anna & Jane

After having her fallopian tubes removed, Caron and Damien have one more attempt at IVF with a donor egg.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Paula & Phil/Margaret & Michael

Paula is 45-years-old and manages to successfully conceive with the aid of Chinese acupuncture and temperature charting.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Penny & Duncan/Miriam & Chris

After four miscarriages, Penny and Duncan decided to look into surrogacy. Their friend agreed to carry their baby and is now three months pregnant.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Shani & Jonathon/Clair & David

After discovering that Clair had two wombs. Clair and David are now pregnant with twins, one in each womb - something which has never seen before.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Lee & Iain/Justine

After chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Justine was told that she may have early menopause. Against all odds, she has managed to become pregnant.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Helen & Gordon/Charlotte & Tim

After various treatments of IVF and IUI, Charlotte and Tim are desperate to have a child and seek help from an acupuncturist. Will it be a success?