Episode 1

Deadliest Catch

A mother takes matters into her own hands when the police investigation into her daughter's murder stalls. Can she eventually crack the case and catch the killer?

Episode 2

Don't You Be My Neighbor

A woman gets involved in the investigation into her sister's murder. Her tenacity and unrelenting quest for justice leads to crucial evidence.

Episode 3

Try, Try Again

When a single mother of a four-year-old girl is murdered, the case goes cold. Then, years later when her daughter has grown up she vows to get justice for her...

Episode 4

Night Crawlers

A college freshman is shot in her family's home. The victim's older sister works closely with the investigators to uncover the truth and put the killers behind bars.

Episode 5

Girl, Interrupted

After a single mother is murdered, her own mum and aunt commit themselves to discovering what happened on the night she died. The two women help unmask a killer.

Episode 6

Keep Your Enemies Close

After one of her daughters is murdered, a mother vows to find out the truth. As more evidence is uncovered, she realises the killer may be lurking nearby.

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