Episode 1


Archive footage shows tanks in action from the first World War to Desert Storm and an exclusive look at the formidable US Combat System.

Episode 2

Earth Breakers

The powerful contraptions that take us into the bowels of the Earth: deep mining in the US and fighting fires in the Channel tunnel.

Episode 3

Smart Weapons

First deployed in the Gulf War the development of "Smart" weapons has been staggering a look at the future of battlefields.

Episode 4

Flight Power

Different ways of powering aircraft, from a homebuilt plane powered with a lawn-mower engine to NASA's solar-powered planes.

Episode 5


From the Hubble space telescope to x-ray specs that enable you to see through someone's clothes, explore the machines that offer us new vision.

Episode 6

Power Boats

Follow a variety of off-shore and on-shore race teams and experience the glamour and excitement of the world's fastest racing boats.

Episode 7


A fast and exciting look into the dangerous and adrenaline-pumping world of bikes. This ride will take you through all the levels of bike racing.

Episode 8

Mega Trucks

Profiles the unquestionable giants of the road, from the serious business of transportation to the thrills and spills of truck racing.

Episode 9

Car Crazy

An insight into drag racing with the world's fastest drag racers and a look at the future of the car.

Episode 10


Witness the enormity and variety of all the systems and machinery onboard the US Navy's huge floating fortress, the John C Stennis.

Episode 11

Four-Wheel Force

Profiling four-wheel-drive vehicles through a wide variety of terrains, from the dangerous glaciers of Iceland to the unforgiving Gobi desert.

Episode 12

Supersonic Landspeed

Following the attempts of Craig Breedlove and Richard Noble to achieve the landspeed record. Both are hungry for the record and to go supersonic.

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