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While investigating a case of arson, police uncover a dismembered body in a sealed freezer. Can extreme forensics help to solve this and other cases?


Episode 14

Road Trip Killers

In a quiet Mississippi town, a civil war buff vanishes into thin air. Months later, a skull is found buried at a truck stop, and another mystery unfolds.

Episode 15

Workin' Hard For The Money

Two construction workers are shot dead in a motel. There are no witnesses, but detectives soon uncover the evidence that will help them track the killer.

Episode 18

Illegal Illusion

The Columbia River Gorge is the setting for a brutal car accident, involving evidence that does not add up. When a doctor examines the victim, the mystery deepens.

Episode 25

Playing With Fire

When 82-year-old Lou Edna Jones dies in a fire, detectives are convinced the blaze is the work of a serial arsonist. Can they catch him before he strikes again?

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