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Episode 1

Formosan Clouded Leopard

Forrest tracks clues and eyewitness accounts that suggest the Formosan Clouded Leopard, which was declared extinct only recently, could still be alive.

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Episode 2

White Wolf Of Newfoundland

Forrest teams up with an expert in Newfoundland seeking the white wolf, which was declared extinct in 1930. They meet a hunter convinced he shot one.

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Episode 3

Florida Black Wolf

Forrest combs the Florida Everglades for the black panther, which has never been seen in the US. Discoveries in the area suggest it may be more than a rumour.

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Episode 4

Coming Soon

Episode 5

The Great Auk

Forrest is in the Faroe Islands looking for a trace of the great auk, a large flightless seabird that was declared extinct over 175 years ago.

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Episode 6

The Pachylemur

Madagascar's Pachylemurs were red, furry giants, nearly the size of great apes. Forrest scales the jungle canopy to prove the giant species still lives.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Javan Tiger

Forrest delves into the island of Java in Indonesia, seeking the Javan tiger. It was declared extinct in 2003, but there have been recent reported sightings.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Tasmanian Tiger Down Under

After numerous eyewitness accounts of the Tasmanian tiger in Australia, Forrest heads to the Cape York Peninsula in search of this unique species.