Episode 1

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Forrest is determined to find out if the famously reclusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker still exists in the alligator and snake infested swamps of Louisiana.

Episode 2

Dwarf Hippo

The Malagasy dwarf hippo has been presumed extinct for 1000 years. Forrest and a local biologist trek through Madagascar to prove it survives.

Episode 3

The Legendary Cape Lion

Forrest returns to his childhood home in Zimbabwe searching for the extinct Cape lion after numerous sightings of a similar size lion with a black mane.

Episode 4

Rio Apaporis Caiman

Forrest travels to rural Columbia trekking into the lawless bush in search of a unique crocodilian species, the Rio Apaporis caiman.

Episode 5

The Galapagos Giant

On one of his most audacious and exciting expeditions to date, Forrest travels to the remote Galapagos Islands in search of the fabled Fernandina tortoise.

Episode 6

The Hidden Turtle Of Vietnam

Forrest scours lakes and rivers of both metropolitan and rural Vietnam in search of one of the last living specimens of the giant softshell turtle.

Episode 7

The Asian Unicorn

Wildlife biologist, Forrest Gallante, scours the globe using cutting edge technology on his mission to find species that the world has stopped looking for.

Episode 8

Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf

The Southern Rocky mountain wolf hasn't been seen since the '40s, but cattle attacks suggest it exists. Forrest treks into the Sierras to find out.

Episode 9

The Dracula Monkey Of Borneo

In Indonesia, Forrest seeks the Millers Grizzled Langur, or Dracula monkey. When he hears of an illegal pet market, his search becomes a rescue mission.

Episode 10

The Caribbean Monk Seal

Forrest sets off on a dangerous, shark-infested search for the extinct Caribbean monk seal. He and the crew come face-to-face with a giant tiger shark.

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