Episode 1

Atlantic Ocean: Earthquake Abyss

Victor Vescovo and his team hunt for the Atlantic Ocean's deepest point off the island of Puerto Rico, where they discover fascinating new species.

Episode 2

Southern Ocean: Into The Freezer

Victor and his crew brave the freezing waters of the most challenging ocean on Earth, the Southern Ocean, in search of its deepest point.

Episode 3

Indian Ocean: Tsunami Zone

Victor and the team head to the warmest ocean on Earth, the Indian Ocean, home to a deep trench that's a trigger zone for deadly tsunamis.

Episode 4

Pacific Ocean: World's Deepest

The team take on the deepest dive on Earth: the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean. They make remarkable discoveries in its depths.

Episode 5

Arctic Ocean: Polar Abyss

The final leg of the team's historic mission takes them into the world's coldest ocean: the Arctic. There they explore a giant underwater mountain.

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