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Deep in the wilderness of Alaska is the toughest town in America: McCarthy. It’s a refuge for people who don’t want to be found, surrounded by wilderness.


Episode 1

Fight For McCarthy

Neil is on the brink of reopening the Motherlode mine for tourism, but a new arrival puts Neil's empire at risk. Jeremy begins a new venture to grow his family...

Episode 2

Devil's Bargain

Neil seeks help from McCarthy's unlikeliest resident to pursue his mine tour project. Tim gets a reminder of home when Mark pays him a surprise visit.

Episode 3

The Stranger

Neil's project is over budget, so his partner moves to push him out of his oldest business. Jeremy and his boys go on a supply run and return with Jason...

Episode 4

Thaw & Order

Plans for tourism at the Motherlode mine push forward. The last days of winter threaten life as they know it and the locals must once again band together.

Episode 5

The Cave In

Neil starts the first Motherlode tour, but complications could spell the end of his work. Jeremy embarks on a bear hunt but encounter something even more dangerous.

Episode 6

Deadwood Forest

Jeremy fights rising rivers to find timber for Neil's lumber project. At the Mother Lode, Neil takes a gamble on excavating a new entrance.

Episode 7

The Old Man On The Mountain

Neil is set to reopen the Motherlode mine - will a new arrival risk his empire? Jeremy starts a new venture, and an unlikely bond forms with two rivals.

Episode 8

No Surrender

Neil defies both nature and locals by developing his mine tour. But when the town discovers his secret construction project, McCarthy draws a line in the sand.

Episode 9

Frost and Found

Jeremy and his sons search the frozen wilderness for a lost bulldozer. Mark sets out to show his new fiancée the beauty of McCarthy, but finds danger.

Episode 10

Crossing Thin Ice

When Jeremy crosses a frozen river in a two-ton bulldozer, he finds himself on thin ice. Jenny takes on a dangerous survival mission with her new-born baby.

Episode 11


After being devastated by a powerful windstorm, it's all hands on deck as the town recovers. Mark must clear dangerously damaged trees before it's too late.

Episode 12

Big Bad Wolf

A bulldozer breakdown sends Jeremy on a high flying cross-country journey. When a wolf stalks Jenny, it's woman versus wild as she faces off with the fierce predator.

Episode 13

Deal with the Devil

To build out his farmstead, Jeremy must strike a deal with the enemy. Plus, Neil takes on major upgrades as he prepares to sell the town.

Episode 14

Spring Fever

As Jeremy rushes to finish his new barn, he learns shocking news. Plus, Jenny gets stranded with her newborn and must fight for their survival.

Episode 15


McCarthy comes together for the biggest barn raising in its history but it's Jeremy's riskiest project yet. Meanwhile, Jenny builds a rocket stove to support her newborn.

Episode 16

Winds Of Change

As Jeremy gets his farmstead up and running, unfinished business gets in the way. Plus, bears threaten Jenny and her newborn whilst stranded on an island in a storm.

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