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Sunday 21st July at 2:00 am



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Winter's Grip

Deep in the Alaskan wilderness is America's toughest town: McCarthy. Locked in winter's grip, the 42 brave souls who live here battle to keep their pioneer lifestyle.

2:00 am

21 Jul


Episode 2

Last Days of Winter

The last days of winter bring change. The future of town lies in the balance. Jason races the melting river crossings to reach his crashed airplane.

2:00 am

28 Jul


Episode 3

The Thaw

As seasons change in McCarthy, the town is haunted by its darkest day. The icy ground thaws into a quagmire, and old-timer Tim Mischel is marooned at his remote cabin.

2:00 am

4 Aug


Episode 4

The Road

Spring means locals can finally reach the outside world to resupply. Jeremy walks a bull calf home through bear country and faces off with a hungry black bear.

2:00 am

11 Aug


Episode 5

Bear Attack

McCarthy is under attack from awakening bears. Jeremy's livestock is attacked and he goes on the hunt. While Gary searches for horses spooked by a grizzly.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Motherlode

Hidden in McCarthy is the largest man-made ruin in the world - and Neil wants to open it up to tourists. Jenny finds a secret creek that holds gold.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

McCarthy Rising

McCarthy's future lies in the balance as Neil takes the last steps towards a town-wide electrical grid. Locals are pushed to their limit, so Jeremy calls a meeting.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Last Stand

The town meeting erupts over Neil's power grid, and Jeremy must decide if McCarthy is worth fighting for. This battle has been brewing for years. A showdown is coming.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Wolves at the Door

When a pack of wolves begins stalking the streets of downtown McCarthy, the residents must unite to protect their way of life in their historic frontier town.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Starvation Country

Extreme weather threatens the locals who must brave the frozen wilderness to hunt big game. Plus, a landowner begins to open the frontier to the outside world.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Defend the Frontier

The hidden city inside the mountain is within reach, but exploration means convincing locals for help. It's 40 below and the trailblazing ranchers are in danger.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Dying Days of Winter

Neil Darish is laying low after announcing his plan to develop the Motherlode mine into a mine tour to encourage tourists to visit McCarthy.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

The Breakup

The spring breakup is starting to occur and the snow is melting. Meanwhile, Neil aims to start construction on the renovation of the mine.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Return to the Mother Lode

As the battle for McCarthy wages on, a team of experts work to locate the only known entrance into the Mother Lode mine. But will they find it?

Coming Soon

Episode 15

The End of the Frontier

Neil breaks through to the Mother Lode mine but locals are too busy defending against waking bears to stop him and Jenny goes on a solo bear-hunt of her own.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Brave New McCarthy

Neil defies nature and locals with his mine tour, but the town discovers his secret project. And, tragedy forces one of McCarthy's best to fight for their life.