About The Show

Survivalist Ed Stafford faces off against top survivalists in a real-life race to get out of some of the most hostile environments on the planet.


Episode 1


Ed Stafford challenges endurance athlete Matt Graham to a rematch in Scotland's cold and brutal highlands. They must endure freezing conditions to make it to Ben Nevis.

Episode 2


Former US Marine intelligence officer and primitive skills expert, Donny Dust, joins Ed Stafford in a race across the wild and unforgiving Amazon Jungle.

Episode 3


Ed Stafford risks his life in North Kenya's scorching hot volcanic barrier to compete against Max Djenohan, a young, elite survivalist determined to prove he's the best.

Episode 4


Ed Stafford tests his body's ultimate limits as he races against medic and ultra-marathon runner Sun Lingye across the arduous mountain terrains of Taiwan.

Episode 5

Rift Valley

Ed Stafford competes against two challengers, Amber and Serena Shine, in Kenya's Rift Valley where they discover all sorts of wild animals blocking their path.

Episode 6

Valley Of The Gods

Ed Stafford goes up against his son's godmother, Ness Knight, a renowned explorer and survival specialist, across the deadly Valley of the Gods.

Episode 7

Behind The Scenes Special

Featuring exclusively shot footage, Ed and the team reveal the strenuous journey they must endure from the show's beginning to end.

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