Episode 1


Ed Stafford challenges ultra-fit ex-Marine and ropes expert Aldo Kane to a race across the tangled wilds of Borneo's crocodile-infested mangrove swamps.

Episode 2


Ed flies to Kazakhstan to take on ex-South Korean special forces soldier Ken Rhee. He encounters dangers such as wolves and life-threatening navigation errors.

Episode 3


Ed Stafford is paired against survival supremo and famed endurance athlete Matt Graham. He climbs into the deadly Gobi Desert, facing sand storms and extreme dehydration.

Episode 4


Ed races through the harsh jungles of northern Thailand against ex-military survival legend EJ Snyder. It's almost fatal as one competitor tumbles off a cliff.

Episode 5


Ed is up against primitive skills expert Cat Bigney in a race across the deadly island paradise of Palau in the South Pacific - home to sharks and saltwater crocodiles.

Episode 6


Ed races Royal Air Force survival instructor John Hudson across the top of the monster mountains of the Himalayas. Monsoon rains and lethal bears are among its dangers.