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Survivalist and explorer, Ed Stafford, heads to the wilds of China to face off the planet’s top survival experts in a real-life race to get out of the country’s most hostile environments. In every episode, Ed faces a different and equally skilled opponent in the race to be the first to reach a pre-determined extraction point, on a journey fraught with danger. From the huge cliffs and bamboo forests of Bashan to the mountains and waterfalls of Yunnan Province, he may be able to survive almost anywhere or anything, but so can these extraordinary competitors. With speed as important as survival, who will be the first to escape these lethal landscapes in a country with some of the world’s most extreme climates?


Episode 1

Ed vs Will Lord

Ed faces his old bushcraft teacher, Will Lord, in Bashan, central China. Both without a knife, they must navigate huge cliffs and Asia's largest bamboo forest.

Episode 2

Ed Vs Josh James

Ed takes on the 'Kiwi bushman', Josh James, in the Three Parallel Rivers plateau of Yunnan Province. Josh draws on his Maori-heritage to make fire in the mountains.

Episode 3

Ed Vs Ky Furneaux

Ed takes on Hollywood stuntwoman, Ky Furneaux, in the Four Girls Mountain Range. How will they survive in its icy valleys and snow-covered peaks?

Episode 4

Ed Vs Matt Wright

Ed challenges Matt 'The Juggernaut' Wright, in the Wanshan Archipelago off the coast of southern China. They race to build rafts as storms roar in.

Episode 5

Ed Vs Hakim Isler

Ed takes on ex-PSYOPS marine and real-life ninja, Hakim Isler, in the Zoige Marshes of Sichuan Province. The unforgiving wetland tests their willpower to the max.

Episode 6

Ed Vs Xinlei Wu

Ed faces former French Foreign Legion desert specialist, Xinlei Wu, in the Aksai Desert of north-west China. They encounter huge sand dunes and rock-valley mazes.

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