Episode 1

The Heat Is On

The heat is turned up on the interns as they attempt to save a beagle who ate a child's nappy, as well as a dachshund with a spinal injury.

Episode 2

Rock and a Hard Place

A terrier is injured in a botched spay operation and the interns must prepare for the most challenging surgery of their young careers.

Episode 3

On the Brink

Dr. Kevin Drygas faces an emotionally difficult case when Bula, a paralyzed Bulldog hits close to home.

Episode 4

Pushing Boundaries

Dangerous patients force the interns out of their comfort zones as they face their worst fears.

Episode 5

In the Driver's Seat

Dr. Kevin Drygas leads the first surgeries of his career so far, while the other young doctors reach important milestones.

Episode 6

Emotional Roller Coaster

Dr. Kevin races against time to save a Newfoundland with a lethally twisted stomach

Episode 7

All-Star Team

Dealing with distraught owners is a lesson the interns must learn, plus there's a rush to help a Chow-mix whose tail was run over by a car.

Episode 8

The Making of a Star

Treating one of the most emotional cases of their internship forces the young doctors to put their heads together for their final few cases.

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