Episode 1

Stronger Together

Hunting by our side, dogs have made us the top predator. The Baka tribe is still hunting with their Basenji dogs - much like our forefathers would have done.

Episode 2

Billion Dollar Dogs

Dogs are willing to do almost anything we ask of them. From the front lines of war to medical detection, there has never been a busier time to be a...

Episode 3

Wild Survivors

36 different species of dog are living in the wild. But what makes a wild dog 'wild'? Plus, experts uncover how dog's evolutionary past has shaped the pet at home.

Episode 4

Running Free

Follow stray pups in Thailand through the first weeks of their dangerous lives. And in Kathmandu, dogs are worshipped and dressed with garlands for the Tihar festival.

Episode 5

Survival Of The Friendliest

How have dogs evolved from wild predators to friendly pets? Plus, a look at parts of the world where dogs are spoiled as much as children.

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