Episode 2

Reptile Cult

Online cult leader Sherry reaches her followers through YouTube videos. When a group member dies in a tragic shooting, suspicion falls on Sherry.

Episode 3

Revenge Porn

Chrissy and her girlfriend, Bria, are huge YouTube stars. Then Chrissy's ex-boyfriend starts a devastating revenge porn campaign.

Episode 4


A man uses the internet to call and text female realtors in 20 different states. Wielding their social media against them, he makes them believe he's lurking nearby.

Episode 5

Dangerous Game

A teenager uses an app to find others interested in gaming. He strikes up an online friendship with a seemingly vulnerable man, but instead meets his worst enemy.

Episode 6

Scammed On

CeCe bonds with a man she meets on a dating app. He soon asks her for money for his business, and she happily obliges - and becomes another victim of...

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