Episode 1

Horror On The Highway

When a witness reveals the truth behind a sniper shooting on Alaska's busiest highway, it ignites an explosive revenge plot that leaves a community reeling.

Episode 1

Fire And Ice

A sniper shooting on an Alaskan highway leaves a young man dead and a community running scared. As one family grieves, another becomes hell-bent on revenge.

Episode 2

The Grudge

A bombing in rural Alaska triggers a multi-state manhunt and leaves a community terrified. As investigators dig deeper, they discover an evil family plot for revenge.

Episode 2

Murder Diaries

When bodies show up across California, investigators realise they are searching for a serial killer. The suspect keeps a macabre audio diary of his attacks.

Episode 3

Bound By Murder

A woman and her grandmother are held hostage two days before Christmas. Who is the person responsible for the terror and why did they do it?

Episode 7

Trail Of Blood

A woman mysteriously falls to her death in the Grand Canyon. As investigators probe further, they uncover a haunting truth that goes back decades.

Episode 8

Blood Brothers

A serial killer is on the loose and slaughtering the homeless population in California. Investigators face a desperate race against time to unravel the case.

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