Episode 1

Lured To Their Death

An abusive and vengeful father lures his young sons to his house. Little do they know that he's planning a devastating act of revenge.

Episode 2

The Poisoning Of Garnett Spears

A 5-year-old's death in hospital seems to be a tragedy, but doctors soon suspect his mother is involved. Police uncover a horrific truth.

Episode 3

Murder In Suburbia

When a father gets into financial difficulty and is charged with fraud, he can't see a way forward. Facing jail time, he makes a horrifying decision.

Episode 4

A Father's Night Of Revenge

The shocking story of a double murder carried out in revenge after Chrissie Chambers leaves her partner - and the brave young girl who escaped.

Episode 5

A Family Massacre

When a father is confronted by police in a custody dispute, he kills nine of his children to stop his secrets being exposed. His son recalls that awful day.

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