Episode 1

Cold Blue

Kay Weden's mother is found murdered in her home and the frozen remains of Kay's boyfriend are discovered in the mountains, detectives realise she's being stalked.

Episode 2

As He Lay Frozen

On a freezing Minnesota night, a ruthless shooting leaves a young police officer fighting for his life by the road. A tense manhunt for the three suspects ensues.

Episode 3

Nightmare In North Dakota

After a blizzard, a son visits his parents, only to find them murdered. Does a peculiar local know what happened during the snowstorm?

Episode 4

Frozen Waters

A mother and her two young children mysteriously go missing. Then, two local boys nearby also disappear. Is there a serial predator on the loose in rural Missouri?

Episode 5

The Killing Field

In February, a teenage couple vanishes. When their car appears abandoned and burnt in a field, winter's thaw reveals the hideous truth that shocks the community.

Episode 6

Icy Depths

When 21-year-old Noel Alkaramla vanishes just before Thanksgiving her mother suspects her daughter's girlfriend. Are the answers in the icy depths of the Hudson River?

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