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Coming Soon

Episode 1

The Valley Killer

M. William Phelps and John Kelly examine the unsolved Connecticut River Valley murders. Can the only surviving victim help them to identify potential new suspects?

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Episode 2

The Eastbound Strangler

Phelps investigates a serial killer who positions his victims' bodies facing east. Could the murder of four women be connected to a case on Long Island?

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Episode 3

Double Initial Murder

Phelps investigates a case from 1971-73, where three girls were snatched and murdered. Intriguingly their first and last names started with the same letter.

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Episode 4

The Woodsman

Between 2003-2007 five women went missing in Worcester, MA and their remains were found in woodland outside the city. Phelps tracks the hunter.

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Episode 5

The Babysitter Killer

In 1976-77 a paedophile abducted and murdered four children. Phelps asks: what kind of monster bathes, cleans and dresses his victims after he kills them?

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Episode 6

Brutal Bayou

True crime author M. William Phelps and profiler John Kelly travel to the Deep South to investigate the murder of 8 girls over four years. Whoever killed them is still...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Mississippi Five

In 1996, someone terrorized the elderly residents of Columbus, brutally killing 5 senior citizens in their homes. Are they looking at a serial killer?

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Dance With The Devil

Who killed Jane Goodwin in 1982? Was it a serial killer responsible for similar murders in Connecticut and New Jersey? Phelps is convinced he's got his man.