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The crew customises a Subaru Impreza and a Mitsubishi Lancer for two teenage stars, twins Dillon and Cole Sprouse. Will they be pleased with their wheels?


Episode 1

'67 Barracuda

Ryan Friedlinghuas is asked to customize a '67 Barracuda as a tribute to the late Boyd Coddington. And he hires Boyd's old shop manager Duane to help out.

Episode 2

Road to SEMA

Ryan and his gang head to Vegas for the annual SEMA event, where WCC is the main attraction. The crew will teach students while customising five cars.

Episode 3

Audigier's Hummer

Ryan and his WCC crew race to customise a Hummer for Christian Audigier, the owner of designer clothing company Ed Hardy.

Episode 4

Jesse James' Challenger

Ryan meets with his old friend, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, to discuss customising his 1990 Chevy pick-up truck.

Episode 5

Zach And Cody Xmas Cars

Ryan customizes a Subaru Impreza and a Mitsubishi Lancer for twins Dillon and Cole Sprouse, the teenage stars of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.

Episode 6

Monster Bentley

Ryan and the crew are hired by Noel, the CEO of Monster Cables, to customize his Bentley. Noel wants a special lift designed to get his Segway into the trunk.

Episode 7

Ultimate Taco Truck

Restaurant chain, Chronic Tacos, needs a promotional vehicle for a store opening. With the deadline days away Ryan is forced to make a change in personnel.

Episode 8

Challenger Convertible

Ryan and his crew turn a 2009 Dodge Challenger into a convertible for a client from Las Vegas. Ryan heads to Berlin to check out his new WCC shop.

Episode 9

Escalade And Smart Car

Paris Hilton picks up a Bentley customised in pink. Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld and his wife Tera Patrick bring in their Escalade for a luxury limo conversion.

Episode 10

'58 Chevy and Nomad Wagon

Ryan and crew give a '58 Chevy Nomad an overhaul for NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace. But a request for a moon roof throws a wrench into their schedule.

Episode 11


Ryan and the crew merge the body of a 1969 GTO onto the rolling chassis of a 2006 GTO, for X Games drifting champion Tanner Faust.

Episode 12

Stallone '55 Ford

Sly Stallone wants his '55 Ford truck customised for an action film he's directing. He needs three identical versions, prompting Ryan to call in reinforcements.

Episode 13

Vans Van

When Ryan visits the Vans headquarters he's asked to customise a 1974 Mercedes van. The van's unique see-through poly-cast roof proves to be a huge challenge.

Episode 14

2007 Maybach

Members of the San Manuel Native American tribe of California, bring their $350,000 Maybach to West Coast Customs in the hopes that Ryan can add his special touch.

Episode 15

Wrench Rod

Ryan and his West Coast Customs crew customize an old '37 Model A Ford, turning a clunker into a classic to help promote Ryan's new 'Wrench' line of clothing.

Episode 16


Ryan and his crew give a Lamborghini a makeover. And Ryan works on a special project for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

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